joi, 24 decembrie 2009

Santa is coming!!!

Good cats will be rewarded with gifts.
So, dear friends try to be nice, at least in this magic evening. I love you all!
Merry Christmas!


joi, 17 decembrie 2009

No Power!

We remained without electric power for two days. It was sooo romantic!

Yes! This is the global warming, my friends! It is a hot day, as you can see. Cousin Ivănuş hardly finds his way under this merciless sun...

Miţindrica hides herself in the house, in this relaxing, cool place. :)

luni, 7 decembrie 2009


Hi, everbody! I'm Mississippi, Missouri's cat mother and Roza's grand mother.
On St. Nikolaus Day, we received presents, but I don't like sweets...
I bought myself a toy...

Mommy fainted, I don't know why... Perhaps she was upset because of her present, the smallest red box... But she's on diet, she is not allowed to eat Friskies... :)

joi, 3 decembrie 2009

Love of my life!

Mamma was out, and I decided to watch TV after I emptied the Friskies box... I chose my favourite chanel, Animal planet, but look whom I've found! These boys are very, very special! I don't know why...
Now I'm waiting for their band to come in town! Definitely, I'm in love!
Please, don't tell mommy!


joi, 26 noiembrie 2009

Help me meet this guy!

I've seen this handsome boy on TV these days... Since then I am in love. Isn't it wonderful? I go outside and call him, but there was no answer.

I called again and again. Finally, Ivan appeared. I was disappointed...

I'm in great pain. He is my first love. Who can help me?

luni, 23 noiembrie 2009

Autumn sun

Me and Daddy.
I was digging a hole. Why? To catch in it a mouse. I like to terorize them!
Dad is waiting for dinner. Mom's always late.

marți, 17 noiembrie 2009

Play the game!

Mister Sakura asked me two questions:
1) Which is my favourite food?
2) Which food I hate?
Now, my answers:
My favourite food is... raw meat. :)

I detest vegetables!

duminică, 8 noiembrie 2009

My nephew... or uncle?!

Well, this is Mişu with his mother, Zoe.
Zoe is my aunt, so Mişu is my... cousin? Genealogy is a complex problem for cats!

vineri, 30 octombrie 2009

Iarăşi cărţi!

Mama răscoleşte biblioteca. A dat peste o cărticică firavă tare care a înduioşat-o peste măsură. Mi-a zis că e prima carte pe care a citit-o la sfârşitul clasei întâi. Eu cred că-i bună de Rozi... :)

Kareltje, this is Mommy's first book. She read it a long, long time ago when she was a little girl. Now you know why she loves cats!:)

vineri, 23 octombrie 2009


Am primit un premiu de la Pisu, drept care îi mulţumesc. O imagine cu trei îngeraşi-pisoiaşi:

Dar am şi eu o surpriză pentru voi! Ia priviţi ce bucurie a pregătit Zoe lui Mami!:)

Doamna Tetris vorbea despre animăluţe de companie... Green şi Yellow sunt prea independenţi, Urmuz vrea să evadeze, o ţestoasă şi-a propus să ierneze sub bibliotecă refuzând comunicarea... Păi, doamna Tetris, ăsta e un animăluţ de companie! Are nevoie de dragoste şi dăruieşte şi el multă, multă dragoste. Vrea atenţie, şi-o să vă simţiţi, la rându-vă, urmărită prin toată casa. Perdele? O să le înnoiţi foarte des, iar acest lucru o să vă relaxeze, căci nimic nu destinde ca shoping-ul sau ca micile schimbări prin casă...
Dacă nu v-am convins, măcar veniţi cu propuneri de nume.
Everybody! Cum ziceţi să-l numim pe acest motănel isteţ şi jucăuş?

vineri, 9 octombrie 2009


She is young, beautiful and full of hope... She dreams to become an actress. She thought this is a casting for Hollywood, but it turned out to be a casting for... Thanksgiving Day...

marți, 6 octombrie 2009


Waiting in the kitchen's window...

Hello, everybody!
Mom caught a bad flu and she was very ill. She slept all day long and I had to take care of her. That's why I missed so long. Meanwhile Rozi has to be educated...
No food! Empty kitchen...
I'm starving! Where's Mom?
Rozi eating grass...
No Mommy, no fun!
Rozi's lesson nr.1: "Yes, cats can bite!":))