marți, 29 septembrie 2009

O.K., then!

ZIZI, the youngest

Mom is angry with me because of my previous post... She thinks dogs are nice! Are they? I heard they can bite. Although, never happened. Instead, I was chased by Lupu. When I got on a tree top, he said it was a joke... Ha, ha what a good joke!

LUPU, the oldest

Well, it's bad being at loggerheads with mom... Dogs can enter Heaven Gates if it must!

TATRA, the beauty

Just a request: let them dwell on a separate meadow! They always stink!
Nap in the sun

duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

"All Dogs Go in Heaven!" - Neah!

I've read this sentence that astonished me nowadays...
What about these living angels, then!?!
ROZI, the Wonderful
CHITI, the Beautiful
GRISKA, the Scholar
KARELTJE, the Dandy
PĂTUŢĂ, the Painter
PISU, the Brave
Sakura, the Philosopher, my Mecena.

joi, 3 septembrie 2009


Is there any connection between these two facts?: 1) Mommy has cooked breaded steak today and
2) Rozi was sleepy all day long?

1) I polished my nails on the fence top and

2) Mr. Sica went on my tracks?

1) The old generation prefers watchink TV, reading and coffee drinking and

2) The younger generation wastes time only with love affairs?
Nobody knows! Truth is beyond us.