joi, 24 decembrie 2009

Santa is coming!!!

Good cats will be rewarded with gifts.
So, dear friends try to be nice, at least in this magic evening. I love you all!
Merry Christmas!


joi, 17 decembrie 2009

No Power!

We remained without electric power for two days. It was sooo romantic!

Yes! This is the global warming, my friends! It is a hot day, as you can see. Cousin Ivănuş hardly finds his way under this merciless sun...

Miţindrica hides herself in the house, in this relaxing, cool place. :)

luni, 7 decembrie 2009


Hi, everbody! I'm Mississippi, Missouri's cat mother and Roza's grand mother.
On St. Nikolaus Day, we received presents, but I don't like sweets...
I bought myself a toy...

Mommy fainted, I don't know why... Perhaps she was upset because of her present, the smallest red box... But she's on diet, she is not allowed to eat Friskies... :)

joi, 3 decembrie 2009

Love of my life!

Mamma was out, and I decided to watch TV after I emptied the Friskies box... I chose my favourite chanel, Animal planet, but look whom I've found! These boys are very, very special! I don't know why...
Now I'm waiting for their band to come in town! Definitely, I'm in love!
Please, don't tell mommy!