joi, 26 noiembrie 2009

Help me meet this guy!

I've seen this handsome boy on TV these days... Since then I am in love. Isn't it wonderful? I go outside and call him, but there was no answer.

I called again and again. Finally, Ivan appeared. I was disappointed...

I'm in great pain. He is my first love. Who can help me?

luni, 23 noiembrie 2009

Autumn sun

Me and Daddy.
I was digging a hole. Why? To catch in it a mouse. I like to terorize them!
Dad is waiting for dinner. Mom's always late.

marți, 17 noiembrie 2009

Play the game!

Mister Sakura asked me two questions:
1) Which is my favourite food?
2) Which food I hate?
Now, my answers:
My favourite food is... raw meat. :)

I detest vegetables!

duminică, 8 noiembrie 2009

My nephew... or uncle?!

Well, this is Mişu with his mother, Zoe.
Zoe is my aunt, so Mişu is my... cousin? Genealogy is a complex problem for cats!